When it comes to the IT sector, one of the most sought after roles is that of development. At Atlas we speak to a number of companies searching for their next development employee and work closely with candidates to ensure they showcase their skills and attributes to meet the demands of such a challenging career.

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IT development jobs

IT is always changing and as such, developers need to be at the top of their game to ensure never missing a trick. Developers will work with multiple departments in a business to update existing systems, whilst also developing new technologies in the company.

Your role will be to test both hardware and software across the board, whilst resolving faults and making the lives of the company’s employees easier.

To be a successful developer you’ll need to be competent at problem solving, whilst knowing how to design and write code for operating systems. This would include Java. Of course, you can start as a junior developer and work your way up the ladder into senior management.

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