The ‘Atlas Recruitment Group’ was formed after the success of ‘Atlas IT Recruitment,’ a company that began trading in August 2015. After two years of sustained growth and achievement, and at the request of some of our larger clients, who wanted us to help with more than just the IT vacancies we were filling, ‘Atlas Recruitment Group’ was created. This group encompasses Atlas IT, Atlas Engineering, Atlas Accounts & Finance and Atlas Commercial / Business Support Recruitment. These four divisions combine to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for our UK based client needs and encompass everything within the IT & Engineering Spectrum, anything relating to Accountancy & Finance departments as well as Sales, HR, Administration, Marketing and Customer Services roles among others.

Having maintained and developed a large and diverse client base across the UK throughout the years we have found that location is the least important part of being a successful recruiter these days. What matters is your professionalism, your organisation, your relationships and your integrity. All the tools required after that can be accessed online and over the phone with Social Media Sites, Video Conferencing and Online Maps making the whole country readily available.

Confident in the experience, attitude and aptitude of the staff at the Atlas Recruitment Group, we will continue to grow as we look to supply both permanent and contract staff across the UK.

As a client working with the Atlas Recruitment Group, you can expect a service in line with our core values; a professional, honest approach with a personal touch. Above all you can expect a fully REC qualified (Certificate in Recruitment Practice – CertRP) recruitment experience and a fully committed, thorough and speedy process, tailored to suit your needs.

As a candidate applying through Atlas you will be treated with the respect someone trying to change jobs, or even careers should be given. We appreciate it can be a stressful time in many people’s lives. Our aim is to alleviate that stress and provide a friendly and professional atmosphere, while giving you all the advice and help an experienced recruiter should.

Whether you are a client looking to fill a vacancy, or a candidate on the lookout for your perfect position, contact the Atlas Recruitment Group today and let’s get started.